This is the PLEDGE...

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  • Self-Care - Whereas the HONORABLE man understands the importance of his own health and well-being. In order to impact over time, the lives of those he cares for and serves is reliant on the way he models a healthy respect of "self". 

  • Honesty – Whereas the HONORABLE man will seek to be truthful and honest in all of his dealings, engaging in the utmost effort ensuring that “doing right” is always the only option.​

  • Distinction – Whereas the HONORABLE man is notable by more than what he says, but what he does and how others see him.  Whereas he stands out among other men with distinction, and he is distinguishable in his appearance.

  • Nobility – Whereas the HONORABLE man is proud about how he operates in the world.  He conducts himself with goodness and decency.

  • Worthy – Whereas the HONORABLE man is worthy of praise because of his deeds and, as a result, is favored and deserving of respect.

  • Duty & Responsibility – Whereas the HONORABLE man understands his duty to the responsibility of those things of his own creation.  He is, and remains, committed, and finds honor in keeping his word and seeing things through to completion.

  • Credibility – Whereas the HONORABLE man seeks and integrates credible assessment from others who are truthful in their evaluation.  His stature is not only defined by his view of himself, but also informed by the honest appraisal of others, particularly his peers and mentors.

  • Excellence – Whereas the HONORABLE man is concerned with putting forth his best effort.  He strives to always make excellence his goal and achieving the satisfaction of others in meeting their needs his objective.

  • Mentor – Whereas the HONORABLE man understands that eyes are always upon him.  Whereas he freely gives of his knowledge, wisdom, and experiences for growth and the well-being of others.

  • Giving – Whereas the HONORABLE man is a humble servant for those in need.  He understands that giving of himself is a blessing of equal receipt. Whereas his giving is done with joy and without hesitation or expectation of return.

I promise to up hold the values and principles of the HONORABLE man. I take this pledge of HONOR understanding that perfection is a goal, not a reality.  I will practice the charge of the HONORABLE man and work toward being an example of purposeful masculinity for my family and community.

Thank for signing the HONORABLE MAN pledge to be included in the number of Black Fathers represented at the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March.